Humble Store introduces 'Humble pricing' for EU

Game prices updated daily to reflect exhange rates

Charitable discount site Humble Store has introduced a new 'Humble Pricing' scheme for the UK and Europe.

According to a blog post on the Humble site, the company has added Euro and UK pound sterling currency options in order to ensure customers aren't charged extra for games.


"Humble Pricing is an automated price that is updated every night based on the US dollar price of the game", the blog post explains.

"Humble Pricing doesn't scale up for VAT or other charges. It simply translates a single worldwide price to each currency."

"The pricing you see on the games is based directly on the most current exchange rate," reads the additional information on the site's FAQ page.

"We will be updating the exchange rate nightly and the Humble Price will change if the change causes the pricing to cross one of the rounding boundaries. We hope that doesn't happen too often, but you may notice small fluctuations in price on a day-to-day basis."

The site also stresses that developers can choose to opt out of Humble Pricing and instead set specific prices for games in different regions should they wish.

At the moment, the pricing scheme will only be implemented in the Humble Store. The Humble Bundles and Humble Weekly Sale will still be priced in dollars only.

The Humble Store launched last November, offering full price games with a fixed charitable donation.

While the Humble Bundle features a slider that lets customers decide how much of their payment goes to charity (up to 100%), the Humble Store locks this down, with 10 per cent going to charity, 15 per cent going to the Humble Bundle company and 75 per cent going to the developer.