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Candy Crush studio files for $500m IPO

King applies to go public on the New York Stock Exchange

Candy Crush Saga company King has applied to list as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company has published an application to register with the Stock Exchange under the name King Digital Entertainment, in an IPO that could be worth up to $500 million.


As part of the registration, King included some statistics that have shown its growth since the release of Candy Crush Saga.

In 2012, King's revenue was $164.4m and its net profit $7.8m, but by 2013 that had risen to $1.88bn and $567.6m respectively.

It also revealed that the game had been installed over 500 million times, with 128 million active users and more than 1.2 billion game plays every day.

Also notable was the revelation that Candy Crush Saga accounts for 78% of King's total income, an impressive stat but one that the Guardian suggests may concern would-be shareholders worried the company may be a one-hit wonder.

Last month King successfully trademarked the word 'Candy', shortly before asking indie developers to remove their games from the iOS App Store if they featured the word in the title.

However, last week an indie developer hit back at King, accusing the company of stealing ideas from his 2010 game CandySwipe then subsequently buying certain trademarks in order to circumvent his protests.