GDC survey suggests PS4 is US devs' most popular console

But 52% of quizzed developers planning to release next game on PC

Twenty percent of developers who responded to a recent survey plan to release their next game on PlayStation 4.

The survey was conducted by GDC organizers and sent out to more than 2,600 North American developers who attended GDC 2013. The results show PS4 as the most popular console among North American developers.


Seventeen percent of respondents said their next game is headed to Xbox One, while only four percent said Wii U will host their next project.

The same survey last year found that 14 percent of developers planned their next game for Xbox 360, 12 percent planned for PS3, and six percent intended to release a game on Wii U.

Though Nintendo 3DS regularly outsells PlayStation Vita, only 2 percent of respondents plan to release a game on Nintendo's system versus 7 percent on Vita.

51 percent of all developers surveyed said their next game is destined for smartphones or tablets, and PC/Mac found the widest popularity at 52 percent of all developers.

Crowdfunding as a fundraising option more than doubled in popularity with respondents: 11 percent said some of their funds came from sources like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo as opposed to 4 percent last year.

GDC 2014 will be held in San Francisco from March 17 to 21.