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Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut announced for Xbox One and PS4

Born Ready Games has confirmed its space combat sim Strike Suit Zero will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in March.

According to a post on the official Strike Suit Zero website the Director's Cut will include new additions and improvements to make it "the definitive version" of the game.

The re-release will feature a restructured campaign, the post highlights the first few missions in particular as being reworked to get players in the cockpit of the Strike Suit much earlier; an adapted story and new dialogue.

The game has also been given a full graphical overhaul and will release with upscaled ships, updated textures and lighting.. The Heroes of the Fleet mission pack, as well as the Marauder and Raptor Strike Suits will also be included.

A PC version of the Director's Cut will be released at a later date.

Check out a trailer for Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut below:

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