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Valve to air pro gaming Dota 2 documentary on March 19

Internally-developed feature focuses on three competing Dota 2 players

Valve will release a feature-length documentary on professional gaming via Steam on March 19.

Titled 'Free to Play', the internally-produced documentary follows three professional Dota 2 players as they compete to win $1 million in the first Dota 2 International Tournament.

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According to the blurb:

"Free to Play takes an intimate look into the lives of three professional computer gamers. All three speak different languages, and live on different continents. (Asia, North America, and Europe). But they all share a passion for the same online game, Dota 2, and made major sacrifices to train and compete professionally.

"The film takes viewers around the globe to meet the players, their families, and their loved ones as they prepare to play for the first $1 million prize ever awarded in pro gaming."


Valve will host a public screening and live Q&A session on March 18 at the Castro Theater in San Francsico, California. Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased here.

Alternatively, the full feature will be available to watch for free via Steam from March 19. Check out the trailer above.