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Mega Man board game can be pre-ordered in US

Kickstarted project will be released in October

A board game company is now taking pre-orders for its Mega Man game, after its Kickstarter campaign was successful.

Mega Man: The Board Game reached its $70,000 goal in January, smashing the target with over $415,000 raised.


Now the game's creator, Jasco Games, has made the game available for pre-order on its website.

Currently the game can only be pre-ordered if you live in the USA or Canada/Mexico, where it will cost $79.99 or $94.99 respectively.


According to Jasco, the game is for 2-8 players and "has both the feeling of a single player Mega Man game and the excitement and interaction of a party game.

"After years of testing the game mechanics, we found a way to capture the experience of playing a Mega Man game while adding a new element unique to our board game," the company says. "Players will both control their character and, for the first time, control Dr. Wily's forces as you impede the progress of other players.

"Our belief is that all players should be having fun, even when it's not their turn, which means no sitting around and waiting for other players to make a move. This methodology creates a more fun and strategic way to play Mega Man.

"Imagine yourselves not only focusing on blasting through the stage and getting the power ups, but also planning your next deal with an ally at the table to help bring down that pesky Mega Man player sitting to your left."

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