One year later: Has Sony kept to its PS4 promises?

Has it been a year already? On 20th February 2013, Sony held a press conference in New York to break the silence on its PlayStation 4 plans.

It marked a moment of truth for the company; a high-stakes gamble with Sony pouring investment into its console business in the hope that PlayStation could return to the glory days of PS One and PS2. Many, understandably, doubted whether it could be done.

Now, some twelve months later, the PS4 has already surpassed five million unit sales; a remarkable result, even moreso considering the system still hasn't launched in Japan.

But how close does the vision, laid out one year ago, match the final product? How many of Sony's initial PS4 promises have materialised? In the slideshow below, CVG looks through the key promises made during the PlayStation Meeting, and measures them up against the final product.