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Get a year's Xbox Live Gold for $40

A third off the regular price of premium Xbox membership

Microsoft is offering a third off the normal price of a one-year Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Available via the Microsoft Store, the sale offers a full 12-month membership - typically costing $59.99 - for the discounted price of $39.99. Both digital codes and physical code cards are offered.


This comes just ahead of - and seemingly coincides with - the March 11 release of Titanfall, an online-only multiplayer shooter and undoubtedly the first major platform-exclusive Xbox One title of the year.

Xbox Live memberships are stackable, so even if you have a currently-active Gold membership you can still take advantage of the sale and befit from an additional year's Gold status on top of your existing subscription.

There's no word on how long the offer will be open.


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