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Ryse: Son of Rome 'challenge editor' DLC axed

Crytek ditches plans to release map editing features

Microsoft and Crytek have abandoned plans to release a 'challenge editor' for the Gladiator mode in Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome.

The challenge editor was revealed last year as a SmartGlass companion app feature that would allow players to craft and share their own challenges in the game's co-up Gladiator mode.


But the features wasn't ready for launch in November 2013, and has failed to materialize some three months after launch.

In a statement on Friday, a Microsoft spokesperson told Polygon why: "After careful consideration, we have decided to cease development on Ryse: Son of Rome's challenge editor and focus on improving and expanding fans' experience with the game through both free content updates and purchased add-on packs," they said.

"We look forward to sharing more details soon."

Gladiator mode is Ryse's co-operative multiplayer mode, which sees players teaming up in a Coliseum to take on hordes of increasingly challenging enemies.

It features dynamic tile sets inspired by the movable floor pieces in the ancient Coliseum which were used to recreate historic battles. These movable tiles are used to make hidden scenery rise from the floor, allowing for battles in settings such as strongholds, ruins and naval arenas to take place.

Crytek has, however, recently confirmed that its upcoming Mars' Chosen DLC pack for Ryse will introduce new game modes and maps from February 28.

Producer Justin Robey detailed the new add-on, which will include brand new maps, a new co-op Survival game mode, and a new character skin.