Xbox One EU & PAL television integration fix promised 'within weeks'

Juddering problem to be addressed in Spring update

Microsoft will fix a major technical fault with Xbox One's TV integration in Europe and PAL regions "within weeks".

The fault, which causes a 'juddering' picture when viewing PAL television broadcasts, will be fixed via a system update this spring, Xbox UK's Harvey Eagle confirmed to CVG.


The problem is caused by Xbox One's native 60hz refresh rate, which causes frames to be dropped or skipped when a 50hz television signal, such as that used by Sky, Virgin and BT in the UK, is pushed through the console.

"I can't give you a specific date today, but I can tell you definitely that that issue will be resolved within a matter of weeks as one of the updates that we make to the console," Xbox UK's Harvery told CVG.

"I'm happy to confirm that that will be Spring time frame. I can't be more specific than that, but it's weeks, not months. It's important and we're excited to get that fixed as quickly as possible."

It's not yet clear how Microsoft will tackle the issue.

One option would be to force the console into 50hz mode when using the TV app, though this would seriously affect the platform's multitasking functions.

Currently one workaround allows users to 'trick' the Xbox One console into changing refresh rates.