Gran Turismo 5 DLC purchases ending April 30

Current owners still able to download and install most content

Sony will disable Gran Turismo 5 DLC purchases on April 30.

Owners of the 2010 PS3 racer who have already bought and installed the game's DLC packs will be able to continue using them, though items from the 'Paint Pack' and 'Racing Gear Pack' will be gone for good if users delete their Gran Turismo 5 save data.


To ensure continued access to all DLC, the official Gran Turismo blog recommends users install any purchased items from Gran Turismo 5's home screen before online services for the game end. Purchased DLC can be reinstalled from the PlayStation Store download list.

Sony announced in January that it would shut down online servers for Gran Turismo 5 on May 20. MAG, SOCOM Special Forces, SOCOM Confrontation online servers closed on January 28, while Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 will also shut down on March 28.

Users can still play the affected games in offline mode, excluding online-only titles MAG and SOCOM Confrontation. No detailed explanations were provided for the various server closures, although such measures are typical for older titles with small - and usually dwindling - active player counts.