3DS platformer Fractured Soul coming to PC on Tuesday

Digital title coming despite being "stuck in Steam Greenlight limbo"

A PC version of 3DS platform shooter Fractured Soul will be released tomorrow, February 25, developer Endgame Studios has announced.

Fractured Soul 3D, like the DS original before before it, has players jumping and shooting their way through two parallel levels at once - one on each screen - using a teleport feature to jump between two screens. The PC version will have a split-screen mechanic to emulate the two-screen gameplay, as the below Steam Greenlight video shows:

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The DRM-free PC version will be released on via the Humble widget, as well as digital services and Desura. It'll cost $9.99 "or equivalent in your local currency".

"Sadly, no Steam version yet," said the developer in today's announcement. "We're stuck in Greenlight limbo. If you want to see Fractured Soul on Steam, please help spread the word to get us a few more votes.

"The reality is that with such a niche hardcore game as Fractured Soul, we don't have the audience size of more mainstream titles, and we don't have zombies in our game :) so we need all the support we can get!"