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Pre-game lobby feature coming to Battlefield 4

DICE confirms return of the much-requested 'Platoons' feature

Battlefield 4 players will soon be able to party up together before joining a match thanks to the much-requested return of 'Platoons'.

Unlike Call of Duty, Halo and many of the most popular modern multiplayer shooters which feature pre-game lobby systems, Battlefield 4 offers no way for players to group up in-game before joining matches, making it difficult for friends to stick together.


In an announcement Monday, developer DICE confirmed that Platoons is coming to Battlefield 4 - a Battlelog feature that lets friends form official groups, making it easier to play in matches together.

While the developer offers no further information, promising "details to be announced very soon", it has confirmed plans to run a closed beta test of the feature.

"We want to give early access to a smaller group of players to test certain parts of the system before a full rollout and get some even earlier feedback," says DICE, requesting that you register your interest on this official forum thread.

"If you can list your own, existing Platoon with all its members, you will have an even bigger chance of getting on the early access list," it added.

Earlier today DICE released new Battlefield 4 patches for the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game to address spawning, audio and physics issues, among others.