Japanese PS4 sales hit 320k in 2 days, report claims

Next-gen system off to a solid start in Sony's home country

Japanese PS4 sales hit 322,083 units in the system's first two days of availability, Famitsu reports.

By way of comparison, 88,443 PS3 units were sold in Sony's home nation during the console's launch weekend in November 2006, according to Famitsu data republished on Siliconera.


PS4's Japanese launch weekend sales were also higher than Wii U's (308,570), but lower than Wii's (371,936) and PS2's (630,552).

While PS4 launched in the west in November 2013, Sony opted to delay the system's release in Japan until February 22. The move ensured the company wouldn't give Microsoft's Xbox One a head start in key territories in the next-gen race, and provided studios with time to develop PS4 software specifially catered to the Japanese market.

Sony said earlier this month that worldwide PS4 sales stood at 5.3 million units as of February 8, while Microsoft said in January that global Xbox One sales topped three million units between the console's November launch and the end of 2013.

In Japan, PS4 is priced at 39,980 yen (£234 / $390), or 41,979 yen (£246 / $409) with tax. The system is also be available bundled with the PS Camera for 43,980 yen (£257 / $429), or 46,179 yen (£271 / $450) with tax. A Metal Gear Solid themed version of the console, PS4 Fox Edition, will launch in Japan on March 20, the same day Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes hits retail.