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Deus Ex: The Fall rumoured to be coming to PC

Images for the iOS and Android title spotted on Steam

Mobile game Deus Ex: The Fall may be set for release on PC.

A NeoGAF member spotted a number of images related to the game stored on the Steam website.

The images consist of a header, a 'capsule' image and a screenshot, three elements that feature on Steam product pages.

The images therefore suggest that The Fall will be coming to Steam in the future, although there's currently no official confirmation.

A sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Fall is set in the same year and follows augmented mercenary Ben Saxon as he tries to find "the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life".

The iOS version was released in July 2013 and was initially met with mixed reviews.

In CVG's Deus Ex: The Fall review, we said: "While it has everything the main game has - augmentations, weapon customisation, freedom to use stealth or direct combat, branching dialogue, computers to hack, moral choices - it's all hindered by the touchscreen controls.

"Movement is sluggish, and the twitchy camera and unreliable lock-on make combat feel laboured and unresponsive. Stealth in Deus Ex requires a level of finesse that these ungainly controls simply don't provide."

An update released a month later sought to address some of the game's issues. Notably the AI was enhanced, with enemies becoming more effective at tracking the player during active combat.