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EndWar Online teaser trailer released

Ubisoft has released a new teaser trailer for browser-based MMO EndWar Online.

A follow-up to 2008 strategy title EndWar, the free-to-play PC and Mac game features both single-player missions and player vs player challenges.

The title puts players in the role of "the last leader in the aftermath of World War III" and tasks them with rebuilding their country and reuniting their faction.

Players can choose to join one of two factions in what Ubisoft dubs a "persistent WW3 metagame" - the European Enforcers (with high-tech weaponry and gadgets) or Russia's Spetsnaz (with brute force tactics).

The EndWar Online technical test phase kicks off on February 27 and will run for three days before the game's closed beta. Those interested in participating can register here.

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