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Xbox One Titanfall bundle price is £369 at GameStop UK

Deal is £30 cheaper than new estimated retail price

The UK arm of GameStop is selling the upcoming Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £369.99.

On Monday, Microsoft announced that it was cutting the UK Xbox One price by £30 beginning on February 28. Having launched on November 22, 2013 priced at £430, the new Xbox One UK estimated retail price will be £399.99 from this Friday. GameStop has opted to knock a further £30 off the ERP.


Microsoft also announced the limited edition Titanfall console bundle on Monday. Set for release globally, it features special edition Titanfall packaging, an Xbox One console, Kinect sensor, standard wireless controller and chat headset, one month Xbox Live Gold membership and a digital copy of Respawn's highly-anticipated shooter.

Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle told CVG that the price cut was "not driven necessarily by our sales performance".

He claimed: "Xbox One has been the most successful Xbox launch we've ever done. I think we've seen both consoles be very successful in the UK commercially. I think that's great for the industry.

"But this is an announcement that's linked to giving the best possible value we can to our fans. The reason we're doing this now is because Titanfall is coming and it seems like the right moment in time to offer an improved price point with the inclusion of the hottest game."