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Candy Crush Saga firm drops 'candy' trademark

King files to abandon claims on word as of Monday

Candy Crush Saga creator King is abandoning its trademark for the word "candy" as it applies to games and a range of consumer goods.

Kotaku reports that King filed with the U.S. Trademark Office to abandon the trademark on Monday. King confirmed the paperwork was legitimate but offered no further comment.


The casual gaming firm successfully trademarked the term in January and began sending legal warnings to developers who used the word "candy" in the title of their games.

King didn't limit its cease-and-desists to candy-themed mobile games; it also protested a filing related to The Banner Saga for its use of the word "saga."

Another mobile developer claimed that his game, Candy Swipe, predated Candy Crush Saga and served as a template for King's break-out success, despite King's efforts to cancel its trademark.

King filed for a $500 million initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange on February 18. In the filing it revealed Candy Crush Saga has 128 million active users and it accounts for 78 percent of King's income, which was $567.7 million in 2013.