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Sonic Boom 10-minute 'behind the scenes' documentary released

A logo at Sonic new and old as the mascot undergoes a visual makeover

Sonic Boom will represent one of the biggest visual refreshes for Sonic since his 1999 Dreamcast debut, and Sega has released a new 'Behind the scenes' video which details how this makeover came about.

The 10-minute clip features commentary from Sega and developers from Big Red Button, the studio handling the console versions of Sonic Boom.

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Revealed in a major announcement in early February 2014, Sonic Boom is a transmedia Sonic 'universe' set to appear across Wii U and 3DS games, a CGI television series and a range of toys.

The new series features a redesigned roster of characters "inspired by their abilities and unique personalities" and is in development at California based Big Red Button Entertainment, the studio founded by ex-Naughty Dog veterans Bob Rafei and Dan Arey in February 2008. Meanwhile the 3DS game is in development at another Californian developer Sanzaru Games.

Sonic Boom comes as the third and final Sonic title in a Nintendo exclusivity Sonic deal, which also enveloped Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Sonic: Lost World.


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