Trials Fusion confirmed for April release

Digital pass to be included in boxed release, available separately digitally

Ubisoft has announced a Trials Fusion release date of April 16 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4.

The digital download will cost £15.99, while a physical version including the base game and a season pass will be available from April 17 for all platforms.

The season pass will be available separately for £15.99 and will give purchasers access six DLC packs which will be released up until April 30 2015. Packs will contain new tracks, new bike parts, new rider gear, and new items for Trials Fusion.

Acquiring the content through the season pass represents a saving of over 30% off the total cost of these packs combined).

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Once again developed by Redlynx, which Ubisoft acquired in 2011, the follow-up to Trials HD and Trials Evolution features a number of familiar features alongside an eye-popping visual upgrade and an increased array of customisable bikes.

In a new Trials Fusion preview, CVG contributor Nick Cowen says the game "feels robust" and like "the next step in the franchise's evolution".

"Yes, there's a lot players will recognise from past iterations and yes, it is standing on the shoulders of a giant. But Trials: Fusion feels like the next step in the franchise's evolution.

"It feels necessary and immediate. It feels like a game that can leave its predecessors in the dust and if you're one of the many, many people who became slightly addicted to them, you'll know what a recommendation that is."


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