Battlefield 4 'Platoons' roll out Feb 27, details explained

DICE details the "first iteration" of its grouping feature

Developer DICE has confirmed that the "first iteration" of its new Platoons feature for Battlefield 4 will begin to roll out on february 27.

In addition to the this announcement, the firm also details what exactly Platoons will allow players to do.


According to the developer, Platoons will let you:

- The ability to create and join a Platoon for up to 100 members.
- Basic Platoon management such as inviting, applying, and promoting/demoting members.
- A private and public Platoon feed, where you can communicate and coordinate.
- A Platoon emblem and tag that all members can easily apply.
- The ability to earn stats for your Platoon and rank it up, and see all the matches you played together.

Worryingly, there's no specific mention of being able to band up in pre-game lobbies - a much-critisized omission in BF4, and one that the Platoons mode was expected to fix.

DICE does warn, however, that this is just the "first iteration" of the feature.

DICE released new Battlefield 4 patches for the PC and Xbox One versions of the game earlier today, February 26.