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Violent videogames should be banned from tax credits, says Republican party

Violent game makers excluded from R&D tax breaks in GOP proposal

The United States Republican Party has proposed that "makers of violent video games" should be excluded from qualifying for tax credits.

A tax reform bill from the House Ways and Means Committee moves in support of a research and development tax credit that offers tax benefits to numerous industries including software production.


Despite calling for "an improved, permanent R&D tax credit," the bill goes on to single out video game developers with a prevision that seeks to prevent "makers of violent video games from qualifying for the R&D tax credit", as reports the Washington Examiner.

Such a proposal would have a significant impact on large American game publishers such as Battlefield maker EA, which would lose tax relief despite the dozens of non-violent titles it also produces such as its EA Sports range, racing games and life sims.

UK-based game studios, meanwhile, still await news on game tax relief plans proposed for the region almost two years ago.

UK prime minister David Cameron provided an update on the status of proposed games tax breaks for British studios earlier this month, stating in the House of Commons that he was "hopeful of good news to come."

The British government announced a games relief proposal in March 2012, which it said was "subject to State aid approval and following consultation".