And the award for best Zombie DLC goes to...

Zombies are popular. Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, Sniper Elite, Sleeping Dogs, Yakuza and Borderlands all come immediately to mind when we think of novel undead-oriented spin-offs.

In boardrooms across the world, publishers and developers pore over sprawling mind maps in the noble pursuit of original ways to spice up their properties.

The resolution they usually arrive at is: let's just add zombies.

Sometimes it works (Red Dead Redemption) and sometimes it doesn't (actually, it never doesn't work). But it's probably safe to say that zombie DLC for Warehouse and Logistics Simulator is definitely going to work.


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Because zombies are weird, and so are some games about them

So instead of doing boring stuff like managing outgoing inventory and carefully driving forklifts, you'll be killing zombies.

"The warehouse floor has been transformed into your arena - so toss out the safety rules and standard procedures! Here's a game where you must go postal to survive and win! Use forklifts to blast these deadheads and tear them to pieces," the blurb reads.

It's available now. You'll need a copy of Warehouse and Logistics Simulator, though.

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