Xbox One with FIFA 14 also cut to £399 at Amazon

Online retailer offering an alternative to the new Titanfall hardware bundle

Amazon is offering Xbox One for £399.99 a day ahead of the console's official UK price cut.

Consumers can opt for three Xbox One packages under £400: a standalone console, a console with FIFA 14, or the recently revealed Titanfall hardware bundle.


On Monday, Microsoft announced that it was cutting the UK Xbox One price by £30 beginning on February 28. Having launched on November 22, 2013 priced at £430, the new Xbox One UK estimated retail price will be £399.99 from this Friday.

The UK arm of GameStop decided to knock a further £30 off the ERP - it was offering the upcoming Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £369.99 until its initial stock allocation ran dry.

Set for release globally, the limited edition Titanfall console bundle features Titanfall packaging, an Xbox One console, Kinect sensor, standard wireless controller and chat headset, one month Xbox Live Gold membership and a digital copy of Respawn's highly-anticipated shooter.

Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle told CVG on Monday: "This is a major promotion for us so it's true that there is a finite amount of stock available and therefore I would encourage people to pre-order early if they want to get the offer guaranteed.

"But I would also say that this is of order of magnitude for us with the launch offers. So the FIFA and Forza launch offer was a widespread offer and this is an offer of as significant volume as what that was. We've got no further announcements to make today. Once this offer is gone, it's gone. But the price point of £399 is a new permanent price point moving forward."


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