A third of iOS games released in 1 day are Flappy Bird clones

Experiment shows the extent of the cash-in craze

Nearly one third of all games released on the iOS App Store in a 24-hour period were Flappy Bird clones.

The discovery was made by The Guardian's Stuart Dredge, who used an RSS feed of the Appshopper site to obtain a list of every game released on the App Store in the 24-hour period ending at 5am on February 27.


Of a total of 293 new iOS games, Dredge discovered that 95 (just over 32 per cent) were Flappy Birds clones.

Notable titles included Tappy Bieber, Flying Rainbow Cat, Crazy Dodo Pro, Flappy Beard Hipster Quest and Le Kitten: The Adventure Of Hoppy Cat.

Dredge notes that, at the time of writing, four of the top five free iPhone games in the US App Store are Flappy clones (Flappy Wings, Hoppy Frog, Flying Cyrus: Wrecking Ball and Splashy Fish), and all four are also in the top ten in the UK.

Flappy Bird, a smartphone game which became an overnight sensation, is no longer available on the App Store or Google Play.

Vietnamese creator Dong Nguyen pulled the game from both stores after Tweeting that the game's success "ruined his simple life".

He later explained that he didn't like the fact so many people were getting addicted to his game, so he removed it to stop causing them harm.

Last week it was reported that Apple and Google are actively attempting to reject apps with the word 'Flappy' in their title, although the list in the above report would suggest their efforts don't have a 100 per cent success rate.