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Off The Record Ep. 12: Thief, Trials and our incredible Dragon Age voice acting

Plus, we discuss South Park: The Stick Of Truth and Wolfenstein: The New Order

This week's episode of the CVG Off The Record contains 12% more hilarity than the National Hilarity Convention podcast. And 100% more game-related chat.

This week, hosts Tamoor Hussain, Chris Scullion, Joe Skrebels and Nick Cowen discuss the first slew of big titles coming to your screens in the near future.


Nick tells us about his recent hands-on session with Trials Fusion and goes into detail on what makes Thief so brilliant at times and utterly infuriating at others.

Then Chris describes his three-hour session with Wolfenstein: The New Order and explains why South Park: The Stick Of Truth may just be the game South Park fans have been waiting for.

Wrapping things up, Joe tells us about the bizarre BaraBariBall, which he describes as "a cross between Smash Bros and volleyball".

Finally, as a bonus treat, we decide to record our own entries to BioWare's Dragon Age Inquisition voice acting contest. You haven't heard anything until Chris busts out his secret 'Glasgow ned' accent - the campaign to get him in the game starts now.

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