Tomb Raider, Thomas Was Alone join US PS Plus in March

PS4 subscribers get Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

North American PlayStation Plus subscribers will find Tomb Raider and several other titles added to their Instant Game Collections next month.

Sony outlined the free titles which will join its subscriber offerings in March in a PlayStation Blog post on Thursday.


Note that the Tomb Raider in question is the original version for PS3 and not Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, which brought upgraded graphics to PS4 and Xbox One in January.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will bolster PS4's growing collection with an update of Housemarque's 2010 PSN twin-stick shooter. Resogun, another Housemarque shooter, was one of the first free games offered with the system.

Two PS3/PS Vita cross-buy games will also join the collection: narrative puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone and side-scrolling survival horror game Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut. Both are cross-save compatible, meaning players with both systems can upload their saved games to the cloud and keep playing on the other version.

Finally, Vita's Instant Game Collection will grow with two system exclusives: tactical shooter Unit 13 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Sony said in early February that half of all PS4 owners are subscribed to PS Plus.


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