The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 hits PS3 March 4

The second episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 will hit PlayStation 3 on March 4, Telltale Games announced on Thursday.

Titled "A House Divided," the episode sees Clementine caught between a group of survivors and its exiled leader, voiced by actor Michael Madsen. A new trailer for the episode embedded below introduces some of the new dilemmas players will negotiate with Clementine.

Telltale also recommended players finish 400 Days, the DLC episode which bridges the first and second seasons of the game, before playing Episode 2.

Release dates are unconfirmed for "A House Divided" on other platforms, though Telltale's platform releases are generally staggered by a few days at most.

The PlayStation Vita version of the game is on track for release near the end of March. Telltale said both Episode 1 and 2 will be available at launch on Sony's handheld.

In addition to The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, a series based on Bill Willingham's critically acclaimed comic series Fables, Telltale Games is working on Tales from the Borderlands and a Game of Thrones series.

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