Rewatch: Help me finish Dark Souls

Dan Hibiki presents the Rollerskate Run

We're in the home stretch now. Last week we took care of three bosses and acquired the first Lord's Soul.

I've been reliably informed by the stream viewers that we've got just three more bosses until I can finally say I finished Dark Souls, and can start thinking about doing it all over again with Dark Souls 2.

Speaking of stream viewers, I'd like to thank them for persevering through the many, many failures last week while trying to beat The Bed of Chaos. I chalk all that down to extremely bad luck. Onwards and upwards!

This week I'll be moving on to the next set of challenges and, hopefully, defeating the Four Kings. Though I may be being a bit ambitious there if what I've heard about them turns out to be true.

So tune in tonight from 6pm GMT / 1pm EST / 10am PST here or on our Twitch page to watch me act like an utter coward while playing a video game.

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