Blacklight Retribution PS4 gets new game mode, maps, private servers

'Onslaught mode' and two maps added to free-to-play shooter

The PS4 version of free-to-play FPS Blacklight Retribution is getting a new game mode, two new multiplayer maps and private servers today, February 27.

As detailed by developer Zombie Studios, the update going live today is the first content expansion for the PS4 game, and will introduce a new 'Onslaught mode', which pits four players against increasingly difficult waves of infected enemies.


Co-operation and strategy is key. "If you bank too heavily on fortifying one area, you might find yourself overrun. But if you remain too light and mobile, you may not have the heavy firepower you need to punch through what comes next," says the developer.

Additionally, two new maps, 'Decay' and 'Metro', will be added. According to Zombie, "Metro is set in an abandoned subway station long since taken over by squatters. Players will face fierce firefights in the narrow corridors."

It goes on to describe, "Decay is a slum fortress set deep in the worst and most rundown area of the city. Threats will come from above and below in this rat warren. Teams will need to stay sharp as they move together and watch the roof tops and ruined buildings."

New private match options will also allow you to set up multiplayer matches with friends without public players being able to join.

Smaller additions in the patch include matchmaking tweaks which "make it easy for you to find a fun game of Blacklight to play", host migration improvements, improved frame rates, faster load speeds "and a smoother experience overall".