Dead Nation Apocalypse trailer shows off PS4 enhancements

Top-down shooter gets March 4 US release date for PS4

Developer Housemarque has released a new Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition trailer to coincide with confirmation of its US PS4 release date of March 4.

The game will release Stateside for PS4 for $14.99 and, as previously confirmed, will join the PS4 Instant Game Collection rendering it free to US Playstation Plus subscribers.

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The new trailer focuses on the numerous enhancements made to the PS4 version of the top-down shooter. Aside from the obvious visual improvements - a bump to full 1080p HD, with "improved textures, rendering, and effects" - Apocalypse Edition will also feature new gameplay, including a new quick weapon select, a Challenge mode, and a "Broadcast+ mode".


In Challenge mode, "every time you finish a single level, you can now send your score over to a friend to try and beat," explains the developer. "When playing a challenge you can see the avatar of the player who set the challenge, allowing you to race against them or scope out their high-scoring route."

Meanwhile Broadcast+ mode lets you broadcast an interactive live stream of you game in which viewers are able to affect gameplay via a simple voting system. "Periodically all your viewers, whether they be on PS4 or a web browser, have the option to vote between a positive and negative effect that occurs in your game," details Housemarque. "There are a total of 30 different voting effects that can occur, ranging from spawning zombie packs to giving the player ammo, or even disabling the player's ability to sprint."

The PS4 version of the game will also feature support for a mobile companion app, and comes with The Road to Devastation DLC expansion as standard, packing Arcade and Endless modes.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition is also confirmed for an EU release on March 5, the day of the US release.