Mario Kart 8 screens spotlight new courses

Nintendo offers a small peek at its anticipated racer

Nintendo has released three new Mario Kart 8 images which, while relatively small in size, offer a fresh look at three of the game's new courses.

Sweet Sweet Canyon, Thwomp's Ruins and Mario Circuit are the featured tracks, each one set in typically diverse locales in the Mario universe.

Mario Kart 8 brings new gameplay to the long-running Nintendo racing series, with roller coaster-like tracks and sticky karts with ability to drive along vertical and even horizontal surfaces.

Nintendo has confirmed a Mario Kart 8 release date of May 30 in the US, and May 30 foe Europe.

A recently-released trailer showcased a range of new characters, such as various Koopaling mini-bosses made famous during the pioneering 1992 platformer, Super Mario world.