Payday 2: Free 'Death Wish' DLC out today - trailer

New difficulty mode, two new enemy types and more added to PC version

Developers Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios today released a new free downloadable expansion for Payday 2 on PC.

It's called the 'Death Wish update', named after the new Death Wish difficulty mode which it adds. "No one knows how the Death Wish difficulty alters a heist - bridges that were whole are now destroyed, skylights in buildings roofs have appeared and if I were you I'd be careful to use the wrong ingredients while cooking meth...," reads the fact sheet description.

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The update also introduces two new enemy types - the GENSEC Elite SWAT's and the haunting, LMG-wielding Elite Bulldozer - along with four new masks, the new '350K' brass knuckles melee weapon, and 35 new achievements.

The download is available free for PC players via Steam. A console release is currently "TBA", according to the official PR.

Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint has announced that the studio has signed a new agreement with publisher 505 Games to continue developing Payday 2 DLC beyond an initially agreed total of five game add-ons.

"The new improved contract, worth six million US dollars, gives us the security to, for the next 20 months, focus on developing and refining Payday 2 so that it becomes the best co-operative gaming experience available on the market, with many more add-on packages and other exciting events planned," Klint said.