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Plus Llamatron and a Mario shampoo ad

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Early 1990 - Super Mario Bros Revlon shampoo magazine ad

At the height of Nintendo fever in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Kyoto-based company was more than happy to license its characters out to all manner of companies for merchandising purposes.

Though some of these remain well-loved (or notorious) to this day - the Super Mario and Zelda comic books, the Mario breakfast cereal and the brilliant Captain N cartoon spring to mind - other products have most disappeared from our collective memories.

One example is the Super Mario Bros Revlon range of children's shampoos and bubble baths, featuring pictures of Mario and the then-named Princess Toadstool on the bottle. It's fairly standard merchandise, but it's this advert promoting it that's notable.

Featured in numerous children's comics, the ad shows Mario teaching a child how to wash their hair. These days something like this probably wouldn't fly, but it does remind us of more innocent times.

Regardless, we bet Nintendo's recent decision to "expand its character licensing business" probably won't lead to a repeat of this ad.

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