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Retro Vault: Sonic CD, Ghouls N Ghosts, Virtua Striker

Plus Llamatron and a Mario shampoo ad

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September 1993 - Sonic CD intro (USA and Japan/EU versions)

The actual third Sonic game (released a year before Sonic 3) was considered by many to be the Mega CD's killer app: which, given the generally low quality of the add-on's games in general, wouldn't have taken much doing anyway.

The main gameplay mechanic in Sonic CD was the ability to time travel. By running past posts reading 'Past' and 'Future' then finding a way to maintain a high speed for a period of time, Sonic would be able to travel forward or back in time to see the same stage as it looked then.

The twist was that each Future stage would always look gloomy (thanks to Dr Robotnik's evil robots), until Sonic went to the past and destroyed its hidden robot generator. After doing this, the Future stage would change to look colourful and generally quite cheery.

Most Sonic CD fans, though, remember the opening intro most of all. The FMV cartoon provided at the start of the game was created by Sailor Moon anime studio Toei Animation and featured a different song depending on which version of the game was being played.

The American version featured a song called 'Sonic Boom', but in our eyes (and ears) the Japanese and European version won out by far with the toe-tapping 'You Can Do Anything' instead. Have a listen to both and see which you prefer: American on the top, Japanese and European on the bottom.

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