Popular Vita skater OlliOlli coming to PC

London studio Roll7 poised to reveal next project

Acclaimed skateboarding autorunner OlliOlli is due for release on PC, according to organisers of the PC games event EGX Rezzed.

London developer Roll7 will showcase the PC version of OlliOlli for the first time at the Rezzed event in Birmingham, which runs from March 28 to 30.


"Along with the PC version of skater OllliOlli, developer Roll7 will be bringing their brand new, as yet unannounced, game to our show floor," read a post on the Rezzed blog.

Since its release in January, OlliOlli has been hailed by critics as a flagship PS Vita game.

CVG's OlliOlli review describes the game as "an entrancing and distinct autorunner that inspires players to achieve the extraordinary".

However, the review claimed that OlliOlli, "while a class act on Vita, feels like it was born for PS4".

"Only a share button can satisfy that compulsion to flaunt your harmonic mastery of its assault courses," it reads

A release date for the PC edition has not been announced, nor are there yet any public details on Roll7's next project.


Review: OlliOlli is a perfectionists' playground

An entrancing autorunner that inspires players to achieve the extraordinary

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