Let GLaDOS teach you the wonders of nuclear fission and fusion

Time for some Friday afternoon infotainment, dearest CVG brethren.

Okay, sorry for using the word infotainment. It was either that or 'edutainment', so at least I went for the less disgraceful portmanteau. Also, sorry for using the word brethren. I don't know what came over me.

Anyway, despite arguments that infotainment is fundamentally impossible, the NASA video below manages to be both humorous and enlightening and only a tiny bit cringe. This is primarily because it stars GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain, who is obviously playing as Portal's iconic antagonist (though now speaking from a cheap Dell PC tower).

The video is all about nuclear fission and fusion - which, dearest Rob fans, is a subject I used to cover as a journalist for a science publication! Anyway, watch it and learn you scumbags. Do it now.

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