Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer free to all for a week

All PS4 owners can download and play, even without a PS Plus account

Guerrilla Games is celebrating the release of its first free Killzone Shadow Fall map pack by making the game's multiplayer completely free-to-play for one week.

The game's full multiplayer mode will be free to all PS4 owners - with or without a PS Plus subscription - for a week starting Monday, March 3 at 5pm PST (March 4 at 1am GMT). Or so the announcement declares, but there is one complication - the North and South American MP clients won't be available until March 4.


Players in EU territories can, however, begin pre-downloading the Killzone Shadow Fall client now, but it won't be active until the start date. Those who download the free client will not have access to the single-player campaign unless they own (or buy) a full copy of the game.

The developer is also preparing special content for the free week. "We are prepping special Warzones for you to play just the new maps, and compete on global leaderboards for Capture and Team Deathmatch game modes," it explains.

"All clans, including trial players, will be eligible for prizes in the Clan Community Challenge. There will be Warzones for those that enjoy the up close and personal touch of smaller skirmishes as well as those of you who want the epic scale of 24 player games. Additionally, our top players will be streaming Clan Battles; you can find the link to the streams in-game."

Guerrilla Games will release two new Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer maps for free on March 4. 'The Cruiser' and 'The Hangar' will be the first new maps to be released as part of the developer's plan to offer all new DLC map packs for free to everyone who owns the game.