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The NES PS4 and other awesome custom consoles

By Chris Scullion on Monday 3rd Mar 2014 at 3:53 PM UTC

Consoles are brilliant. On this we're clearly all agreed, otherwise you wouldn't even be on here.

However, sometimes when we're sitting in front of our TV playing a game, we'll look down at the console running said game and yawn at its dull appearance.

Limited edition variations aside, it's difficult to get excited about the typical black, white or grey design choices console manufacturers go with. That's why some gamers take it upon themselves to customise their consoles, giving them a splash of paint to make them look more like the fun-spewing devices they actually are.

Gaze upon this selection of home-made beauties then join us in wishing your own console looked this awesome.

(note: we've credited the creators where possible - if you spot a design that's yours and we haven't credited you, let us know and we'll edit the article accordingly)