Warframe update brings new HUD, weapons, mode and more

New Zephyr 'air-based Warframe' also added in significant update

Digital Extremes has released a significant new update for Warframe, its free-to-play multiplayer shooter on PS4.

Entitled Update 12, it adds a new Zephyr Warframe, the new Interception game mode, new weapons and a new HUD. The Zephyr, described as an air-based Warframe, is the lightest of them all, with excellent mobility. Here's a trailer to show it off:

Close Close

The new Inception mode is a "capture based game mode". Here's the official description:

"four areas are highlighted on the map that players or enemies can control. Staying in proximity to the capture point keeps control of areas, but watch out for the Grineer, as they can capture a point by simply hacking nearby consoles. Holding a capture point accumulates points for your total score. Whichever team reaches the max score first wins the round, and then you simply need to clear the area of remaining Grineer to complete the mission.


"The more points you hold, the faster your score goes up. When the round's over, the score is reset and players have the option to claim their reward and quit, or continue to fight on for a bigger reward similar to Defense mode."

Inception comes along with an "expanded" version of the forest level across all nodes.

In addition, a new HUD has been implemented, aimed to be "less obtrusive" while delivering more information to the player and offering new customizable options.

Update 12 is available to download free now.