South Park The Stick of Truth review round-up: Sweet, dude

All the verdicts in one place

Following a series of delays, South Park: The Stick Of Truth is finally released this week.

In our South Park review, we said the Obsidian developed game is "shameless, hilarious and surprisingly complex - an essential purchase for RPG fans with even a passing interest in the show."

Verdicts have been appearing on other sites too, so we've rounded them up in one easy to digest package. Here's a look at how the game's being received:

  • CVG: 9 - "The Stick of Truth is more than just wang-waving controversy - quite simply, it's the most accurate video game adaptation of anything, ever. Yes, even Batman."
  • Official PlayStation Magazine: 8 - "Who knew that a turn-based adventure would be the genre that most suited a South Park videogame? Brimming with some of the best dialogue and characters on in a game, The Stick Of Truth is only let down by needless framerate issues and a lack of additional locations beyond South Park itself."
  • Games Radar: 4.5 stars - "Stick of Truth is South Park's Arkham Asylum--a triumph of a licensed game that manages to fit in line with the franchise while paving new ground in gaming. In this case, the new ground is dick jokes, but--still--innovation is innovation."
  • PC Gamer: 90% - "Above all, it's just a wonderful piece of entertainment. It's surprising, surreal, packed with jokes, and rarely frustrating. I didn't get bored once across the 17 hours it took me to finish the story and most of the sidequests, and it kept me laughing consistently until the credits. If that isn't worth 90%, I don't know what is."
  • Edge: 8 - "The jabs can be predictable, but they're delivered with an affectionate wink, and it's evident that Parker and Stone know and love videogames. So, yes, their irreverent take on the medium may have a few technical shortcomings, but you'll usually be grinning far too much to care."
  • IGN: 9.0 - "The Stick of Truth makes one thing abundantly clear: I never want to play another South Park video game made without Trey Parker and Matt Stone's direct, intimate involvement."
  • GameInformer: 8.5 - "It's one of the most faithful adaptations of a license I've seen, and it ranks among the best comedic games ever released."
  • Polygon: 8.5 - "Other games treated the world Matt Stone and Trey Parker have crystallized over the past two decades as a prison they have to escape from. The Stick of Truth happily confines itself to that world, and manages to build a comfortable, hilarious home of its own."
  • Kotaku: Not Yet - "If you're thinking about getting this one, especially on consoles, wait it out. Give Obsidian a little while to patch the game, or else you're rolling the dice in hopes that your experience won't be as broken as mine."
  • Joystiq: 3.5 stars - "If you're well-versed in South Park history and can imagine cookies as a "health potion," you're off to a good start. If you can also forgive the repetitive nature of combat and some uninspired quests, it's worth taking up arms - or dildos - for The Stick of Truth's hilarious, disgusting adventure."
  • The Escapist: 4 stars - "South Park: The Stick of Truth could stand alone as an extended episode of the show. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing depends on how funny you think Trey Parker and Matt Stone are. For fans of the show, this is a seriously impressive game."
  • Eurogamer: 8 - "A finicky combat system, a lack of challenge and few reasons to remain in South Park once the story is done - these minor disappointments hold The Stick of Truth back from greatness, but they don't detract from the sheer audacious hilarity it delivers. In gameplay terms it may be soon forgotten, but there's unlikely to be a funnier - or filthier - game any time soon."
  • Giant Bomb: 5 stars - "Obsidian has fashioned an honest-to-god RPG out of the South Park universe, one with enough depth and longevity to hold your interest even when the comedy takes a breather. If the fantastically foul world of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny still holds any appeal to you, The Stick of Truth is a game well worth your time."
  • GameSpot: 7 - "South Park: The Stick of Truth is not the second coming of role-playing games, so if you come seeking Jesus, you'll be disappointed by the veritable second-rate televangelist you find in His place. But it's as funny as the merry tune of Stratford, and more enjoyable than Butters' favorite game, Hello Kitty: Island Adventure."
  • Destructoid: 8 - "The RPG elements are very serviceable but they're not going to satiate most of the hardcore genre fans out there. It's a good thing then that the rest of the package is filled with so much care from the show's creators, that it makes it something truly special."