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Canabalt creator reveals new studio and debut project

Texas based Finji sets sights on turn-based tactical survival game

Adam Saltsman, the developer behind the popular smartphone autorunner Canabalt, has announced a new business venture with his wife Rebekah.

The pair have launched an independent development business in Texas called Finji, and revealed the outfit's first major project.

Overland is pitched as a "turn-based tactical survival game"

In a welcome message on the Finji website, Adam wrote:

"For almost 10 years we have been saving and scraping and learning and trying new things, and gotten some insanely lucky opportunities along the way, and having a few spectacular failures (and lots of little ones), all with the ultimate goal of getting to do exactly this: collaborate with who we want, when we want, on the games we love."

The studio's new major project is called Overland and described as a turn-based tactical survival game. Finji is partnering with Shay Pierce from Deep Plaid Games, and Adam says the project will be shown to other games professionals at GDC, which runs across five days in Los Angeles, from March 17 to 21.

"We will be sharing a lot more about this game in the coming months, but we are still building this team and are not ready to show screenshots or anything quite yet," he added.