Project Spark beta launches globally on Xbox One

World building toolset makes the jump to Microsoft's new console

Microsoft has launched the Project Spark beta globally on Xbox One.

Developed by first party Microsoft studio Team Dakota, Project Spark offers users the tools to sculpt their own worlds and adventures within them before sharing their creations with the community.


More than 250,000 fans have signed up to the Project Spark beta since it was originally released on Windows 8.1 devices in December 2013. New users can register here.

Cross-platform features and cloud saving enable users to begin playing the game on a Windows 8.1 device and continue doing so on Xbox One or vice versa.

Project Spark, which is also set for release on Xbox 360, will be a free download supported by in-game purchases "that will enhance the creative gameplay experience", according to Microsoft.

The company lists the following as Project Spark's key features:

  • Create: Enjoy special access to the ultimate interactive digital playground for fans and creators. Use the power of your own creativity, storytelling and personality to build unique and instantly playable levels, games and worlds.
  • Play: Experience hundreds of never-before-played games, give feedback and comments on gameplay, and even remix other user's games with a personal twist.
  • Share: Creations can be shared with Team Dakota and other Beta participants within the community. Share your creations with others around the world and be among the first to leave your mark on this groundbreaking digital canvas.

Project Spark beta intro video released

Sign up for the Windows 8 beta and try out Microsoft's game creation software