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Xbox Live reportedly expanding to iOS and Android

Microsoft job listing calls for new, extensible framework

Microsoft wants to make Xbox Live a cross-platform game centre for mobile devices, according to a since-deleted job listing.


The listing, spotted by The Verge, reportedly outlined some of Microsoft's intention for the service.

Xbox Live is currently used as the default friend list, achievement tracker, and matchmaker for Windows Phones, and though Microsoft has experimented with expanding the platform to Android and iOS before, the job listing indicates the firm is now gearing up for a concerted push.

"We will create a modern framework that is open-source, lightweight, extensible and scalable across various platforms including Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android," the listing said.

The Verge reports that Microsoft plans to ease restrictions for developers who want to integrate Xbox Live into their games, making the mobile version of the service more comparable to iOS's Game Center or Android's Google Play Games.

Xbox Live first launched on the original Xbox platform in 2002. Originally an online play and matchmaking service, it has since grown into an entertainment platform with some 48 million accounts.