Xbox Music adds 92,000 music videos on Xbox One

Footage automatically synced with existing tracks

More than 92,000 music videos have been added to the Xbox Music service on Xbox One, enabling instant video streaming for subscribers.


Microsoft announced Tuesday that the videos will be automatically added to each individual song, meaning users don't have to search for the video counterparts of their owned songs or preferred playlists.

"Rock out to a new playlist, create a Radio stream based on your favourite artist or pick a random track from your collection with Xbox Music on Xbox One, and if the song has a music video, watch it play automatically in sharp HD on your TV," Microsoft said in a press release.

The Xbox Music Pass requires a separate £8.99/$9.99 monthly subscription for Xbox One users, though the subscription also offers unlimited streaming on PC, Android, and iOS. The Xbox 360 version of Xbox Music also supports video streaming.

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