Batman: Arkham Knight to 'close the trilogy with a bang'

Rocksteady promises a spectacular end to the Arkham story

Rocksteady promises that the newly-announced Batman: Arkham Knight will bring the trilogy to a spectacular conclusion when it releases later this year.

Speaking with Game Informer magazine, game director Sefton Hill said the third game will 'close the trilogy with a bang', before the studio, which has been working on Batman games since 2006, ventures into new projects.


While Hill wasn't willing to hint at how the trilogy will end, leaving the possibilities almost entirely open, he did say the studio has known how it wanted to end the series for some time.

"We knew where we wanted it to go," said Hill. "We don't work on multiple titles at the same time. We just work on the one game, and we want it to be the single best thing. We make it like it's the last game we'll ever get to make."

He went on, "And it felt like the right way to end the story. I felt like it brought the arcs from first and second game, from Asylum and City, to a close. It felt like the natural fit really. We've been doing Batman games for a long while now. We wanted to put everything into this one and really close the trilogy with a bang."

Arkham Knight was announced on Tuesday, with plans to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Arkham Knight is set after the events of 2011's Arkham City and will allow players to get behind the wheel of the Batmobile for the first time.

While the official release date is a vague '2014' window, GameStop has a Batman: Arkham Knight release date of October 14 posted on its website product listing and, seemingly more concisely, on a pre-order poster it's offering to early buyers.

The first Batman: Arkham Knight trailer is here, and you can get a fuller blowout of gameplay and plot details here.