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Pegi: We didn't censor South Park: The Stick Of Truth

European ratings board says it had already passed the game uncut

The European video game regulator body Pegi has stated it did not censor scenes from South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

It was reported last week that Ubisoft had removed over two minutes of footage from the game due to its potentially offensive content. A statement from Ubisoft confirmed the publisher decided to cut the scenes.


Now, in a statement to The Guardian, Pegi has insisted it had no influence in the removal of the deleted scenes, and claims it had already passed the game uncut.

"The game was assessed by us and deemed acceptable for a Pegi 18 rating," a spokesperson explained.

"For some games released in the UK, we are obliged to consider UK legislation as the Video Recordings Act 2010 currently affects video games. This consideration applies to games that are likely to attain a Pegi 12, 16 or 18 rating and which may contain potentially harmful or illegal material. As there was no such issue with the game, it was duly given its Pegi 18 uncut."

The spokesperson added: "Let me emphasise that we did not censor or edit the game in any shape or form.

"Some time later, the publisher made a decision to make alterations to the game which meant it had to be re-submitted to us as a different version. We are not privy to reasons why the game was edited and cannot, therefore, give you any other details. This version was subsequently rated 18 uncut also."

Aside from a previous claim that the publisher was spurred by "marketing reasons", it is unclear why Ubisoft reched a decision to cut the scenes.

The removed footage consist of a mini-game where a doctor is performing an abortion on the player, another mini-game in which the doctor performs an abortion on Stan's dad Randy, and five separate scenes in which characters are 'actively' probed.

They have been replaced with an image of Michaelangelo's David facepalming in front of a European flag.