Future Xbox One update will add external hard drive support

Microsoft says friend notification improvements are also planned

Microsoft has confirmed that introducing support for external hard drives is one of its main priorities for future Xbox One system updates.

The news came from Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten, as he detailed today's big Xbox One system update.


"We value all of the feedback we're getting from you," he said. "We know external hard drive storage is another big one on your list, It's on our list too. We're working on that for a future update and will keep you posted."

Whitten also confirmed that a tweaked friend notification system is high on Microsoft's to-do list. "We're working on friends notification improvements and experimenting with how to make that better," he said.

"Just as we do with Xbox 360, we'll be continuing regular updates to Xbox One: some will be big, like this March update, and some will be smaller. Big or small, we're committed to delivering continuous innovation through system updates like this one."

The latest Xbox One update makes user interface improvements to Xbox Live, spurred by the upcoming release of Xbox and PC exclusive multiplayer shooter Titanfall. Users will also be able to broadcast their footage on Twitch thanks to an update to the Twitch app scheduled for March 11.