BattleBlock Theater headed to PC

Closed beta scheduled to begin on March 24

BattleBlock Theater is coming to PC soon, and modular platforming fans can get in early with a closed beta scheduled for the end of March.


Developer The Behemoth announced this week that the former Xbox Live Arcade exclusive will hit Steam with several new features, including weapon switching, new Cat Guard enemies, Steam Workshop integration for sharing user-made levels, and Steam Inventory support for trading weapons and more.

The game will remain compatible with Xbox 360 controllers, though it will also support mouse and keyboard as well as Direct Input devices.

The Behemoth plans to conduct a closed beta for Battleblock Theaters' PC version from March 24 to 31 for select users who register ahead of time.

The Behemoth began as a collection of Flash game developers including Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp, but it has specialized in downloadable titles since Castle Crashers' release on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008.

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