PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate targets PS4, Vita this Summer

Next-gen and portable remake combines PJS 1 and 2 in a single offering

PixelJunk Shooter and its sequel, widely regarded to be among the PS3's best exclusive digital games, are on their way to PS4 and Vita this Summer as part of a single game.

Titled PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, the new entry bundles the full campaigns from both PixelJunk Shooter 1 and 2 into a single package, along with several improvements to take advantage of the new hardware.

PixelJunk Shooter is a 2D sci-fi twin-stick shooter in which players pilot a spaceship, flying through tight and twisting caves to save scientists that have been trapped deep underground.

It's part twitch-shooter and part physics-based puzzler, as players encounter obstacles such as pools of smoldering hot lava, poisonous gas, walls of ice, rock and other elements. Lava can be cooled with water to make breakable rock, ice is melted with lava, gas is burned away with fire and so on, creating a clever liquid physics-based sandbox for players to manipulate.

PJS Ultimate on PS4 will sport a "full visual upgrade", with new real-time lighting, "along with a host of new visual FX for things like projectiles, explosions, thrusters, and more," according to developer Double Eleven, who is handling the port of the Q-Games originals.

"We've also worked on making the fluids look even better by increasing the resolution of the particles, improving shaders, and adding anti-aliasing to the edges of the fluids," it added.

The PS4 version will also feature a new ship redesigned in full 3D to offer "better visual feedback" to the player, along with a redesigned HUD for both versions and previously PJS 2-only features, like the super spin, are now useable in the PJS 1 stages.

The game will also support Cross Play, meaning co-op multiplayer will be possible with one player on the Vita version and the other on PS4, and Cross Save compatibility will also allow for transferring your progress between platform. The announcement made no mention of Cross Buy.

The first screenshots, presumably of the PS4 version, are in the gallery above.